Educa Studio – An Indonesian App Company With More Than One Hundred Apps

Educa Studio – An Indonesian App Company With More Than One Hundred Apps

Probably not many people know that in Salatiga, a small city in Central Java in Indonesia, there is an app development company where their apps have been used by millions of people. Educa Studio, that is the name of the company.

Established since 1st of April with Andi Taru as its helmsman, Educa Studio which originally started with just 2 humble games now have evolved into a company that produced more than one hundred apps and won several awards.

Apps created by Educa Studio are filled with education whether its religion, morale, or science education. The apps are packaged in a way that grab the interest of the kids so they will enjoy using the apps.

For the parents, these apps from Educa Studio can be an oasis among millions of apps available in app stores to find apps for their children. This is especially since there are many apps in the app stores that are actually not suitable for children.

Today, Educa Studio has 3 family of apps where each of them have their own uniqueness, they are: Marbel, Riri, and Kabi. Marbel focused on education game,ย  Riri focused on digital story book, and Kabi focused on kids books around Islam religion.

Apps from Educa Studio have spread to many mobile platforms from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, to Kindle Fire. Plus, their apps are distributed freely so they can be enjoyed by a wide group of people.

One of the most popular app from Educa Studio is Marble Belajar Mengaji which has been download for over one million times. This app help the children to study Hijaiyah, an arrabic letter, and packaged in the form of a game.

To optimize their apps in Android so their apps can be used smoothy by the users, Educa Studio implements the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) using the tools provided by Intel like Intel HAXM and Android NDK for Intel Architecture.

Educa Studio seriousness in optimizing their apps is proven by the huge amount of apps they have optimized. They have optimized 102 apps of their own using Android NDK by 10th of June 2015.

The process of optimizing the apps is not as easy as creating a normal Android app. Educa Studio team must drastically change their programming technology. From Java based programming to C++ programming, from AndEngine to Cocos2d-x, from coding with Eclipse to Visual Studio Express 2012.

In the beginning of their transition to Android NDK, it was hard. Educa Studio must port all of their apps. Then, they must learn everything from the beginning. But now that their programming foundation has been well established, it’s much easier.

Support from Intel for Android NDK helps Educa Studio in this transition process to NDK. Educa Studio said that tools for Android NDK development form Intel helps the developer to ease the process of developing Android NDK based apps or games.